The New Vegan Life

Get ready for new living. Portland’s Bauer Vegans presents healthy vegan food that tastes, oh! so good!


Kickn' Kombucha

All nautual great tasting local Kombucha. The finest quality on the market. Drink to health.

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Stay Healthy. Train Better

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Bauer Training & Rehab

Train harder, longer & train injury free. With better movement you will gain speed and power. Experince those tricky knots disapear making it easier to run faster.

It's More than Cheese; Its Happiness

How many of your friends have said they would go vegan if it weren’t for cheese? One taste of Bauer Farms New Vegan “Cheese” and you’ll have converts lining up!

What can go back on your menu?

Be happy about food again! expieince robust flavors and diversity. Sure there is amazing Vegan cuisine in this town, but “cheese” makes everything better!

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