All The Right Things

The ingedients, the friends, the Portland vibe, Bauer Vegans is the path towards healthy living.

Cooking Vegans

Raw, tender, now if only they ate meet. Just kidding. But our vegan cooking will make you never miss out on meet dish. Its fuller of flavor and anti-inflamatory leaveing you with a healthier longer life!

Cultured Vegans

Cultured drink have much added health value. Kombucha beign the big fave has been unearthed by Bauer Vegans to a whole knew taste you will love! 

Pickled Vegans

One of a kind all natural picked vegtables. Add them to salads, soups, sandwiches, wraps or just eat them right out of the can!

Naked Vegans Cookbook

Go Wild, Go Vegan, Get  sculped. A cookbook filled with delicious recipies that won’t add inches to you waist line. Feel fuller faster. Live healthier! Live longer!

Home Made All Natural Vegan "Cheese"

It’s more than just cheese, its happiness. How is this wonder cheese made? Learn how Bauer Vegans hand selects all natural ingredants and prepars this amazing cheese. Eat cheese like you never have before with Bauer Vegans cheese.

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Hand Bottled Kombucha

How is this wonder drink made? Learn the step by step process and its amazing health benifits. Taste the goodness. Drink Bauer Vegans kombucha and expirence health in every sip.

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The Pickled Vegans

Pickling at its best. Bauer Vegans pickles the best all natural vegetables for your table. See the procces  method and why these taste so good!

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Cooking Vegans

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